KeyBridge, Inc Environmental Policy

Basic principle:
  Key Bridge, Inc. actively works for the effective use of resources and prevention of environmental pollution to achieve harmony between business activities and the global environment, and will do its best to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen.
Basic policy:
  [1] Promotion of environmental improvement activities.
   We will actively promote continuous environmental improvement activities such as energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction, and preferential purchase of environmentally friendly goods, and strive to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution, and conserve the environment.
  [2] Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
   We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and other matters we have agreed to.
  [3] Raising environmental awareness

 This environmental policy will be published outside the company and will be made known to all members of the organization in an effort to raise individual environmental awareness.
Key Bridge, Inc.
President Masahiro Ishihara


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