keybridge.jpgOur goal is to be a key bridge between customers and vendors. ws000001.jpgSigasi Studio is an advanced HDL editor for Verilog-HDL / SystemVerilog / VHD. image.jpgWe reopened our activities to become the "key Bridge" connecting customers and EDA vendors.


[Resumed Activity!] KeyBridge focuses on the EDA field software business, which covers sales, support and consulting.


KeyBridge is

It focuses on the EDA field software business, which covers sales, support and consulting.

Our solution is

-Skilled staff for EDA field business
-High performance service and support

Our goal is

-To be the "key bridge" between the customers and the vendors.


■ Sigasi will join to the CDN Live Japan 2019.


CDN Live Japan 2019, scheduled to be held in Yokohama, will introduce the latest Cadence information and share best practices, as well as share the best practices, with the participation of Cadence products customers and partner companies, to solve design and verification problems. You will be able to exchange information on SoC, the latest technology for system design.
Sigasi is a worldwide sponsor of CDNLive and will join CDNLive Japan 2019. Watch demos and enjoy the high-Performace Sigasi Studio.
We look forward to seeing you.

CDNLive 2019 Japan
July 19 2019 (Fri)
Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu (2-3-7 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-8543, Japan)

■ We started handling of Belgian Sigasi's Sigasi Studio.


Sigasi Studio is not just a HDL text editor. You can do an automatic fill-in or check the grammar immediately after entering the HDL code. If tool find a grammatical error, tool can also suggest corrections. It is a versatile high-performance HDL editor with a refactoring function that automatically corrects the code so that the logic function is the same and improves code visibility and reusability.

If you need to contact us, please contact us via email.